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Well it certainly doesn't appear that Mastodon actually does support links, does it?

Oh well, that's okay, as Promised, here's a little video on the browser, hosted right here in our very own on .

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Aside from not being aware of what "vfv" refers to, I concur wholeheartedly.

I basically believe that anyone worth interfacing with will reside in a place where it's safe (not a great choice of a word, but for lack of a better term it will suffice) for me to interact online.

I also believe that abandonment of non-privacy respecting monolithic silos as a practice, while at the same time participating and publishing in an environment that is primarily #FOSS based, and privacy respecting. For social systems a distributed model that federates with other independently operated instances, I see it as a critical mass building event - When others see that they're missing out and want to belong somewhere (the reason they stay at #FacePlant, #Twatter, and #InstaSPAM in the first place), they will come.

In the meantime, I've got plenty of friends, associates and colleagues to keep me occupied so I know I'm not missing out on anything - **ESPECIALLY** because I existed online back when the only connection methods were through the use of 300 BAUD acoustic couplers. So anything more advanced than that and a Z80 or 8080 on an S-100 Bus is a total win for me lolz :)

Not to imply that we need to trick people, but getting back to that whole Zoom bullshit, If I'm going to have a video meeting conference, what I do is tell people and either send the invite from my NexCloud calendar or via direct email. I tell them, "Hey at such and such time we're doing a video conference and here's the link :)"

"Oh! We're doing a Zoom call? Cool!"

I say nothing. Let them think whatev...

They don't know the difference from one URL to another anyway, and then when they land, they invariably say, "Wow this is really neat, where did you come across this?" As if it's something novel lolz.

BBB and Jitsi have a zero learning curve onboarding, the average, naïve user simply needs to click the link and then following the event they now have that in their vocabulary.

#tallship #Vger

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@0 @gdroid

You're very welcome!

And K9 mail is great stuff too.

One thing I would urge you to pay attention to, without going into a whole dissertation, is that with Fair Email, there are basically three versions.

1.) Google Play store - some features may not be present due to Google's rules, plus the whole signing issue I've ranted on over the last couple of days where they can alter your code and redistribute it (ATM, only *new* apps, but later, everyone's)

2.) F-Droid - The dev considers the F-Droid version current if it is the current version at his GitHub repo. There's a couple of particulars to this.

a.) They sign the compiles with their key so some parts are excluded (Google parts for autoconfig, etc., coz Google only allows one key, that of the dev's, to be used in a version that includes their stuff)

b.) Many devs create an F-Droid compatible repo so you can enable that repo and use the dev's compiled version via your F-Droid client for updates, etc. to use those versions, you must first uninstall whichever version you have installed and then install the Dev's F-Droid compatible repo, and pull down from the top of the screen for refreshes, etc., like with any other app.

3.) Most FOSS projects have a Git repo where you can get the APKs directly and install them from their official releases signed with their keys. But Fair Email is different, in that most projects you have to manually install newer versions (Why most devs use an F-Droid repo of their own) - Fair Email's apk checks the dev's GitHub repo for updates and the app can actually update regularly whenever there is a new release directly from the GitHub repo - that's pretty kewl.

Also, remember that the Google features which are crippled/absent/disabled in many of the official F-Droid apps? This version is signed with the dev's creds so all of the Google features are enabled (Like autoconfig of gmail aliases, etc.).... But there's more.

Aspects of the client that aren't permitted to be included in the Google Play Store version can also be included in the GitHub version because not only is it signed with his creds, but also, it's not being distributed from the Google Play Store so like, with other apps where say, OAUTH stuff is taken out, or whatev, such is not the case with this one - i.e., it has everyting, is the most current, automatically checks for updates and installs them if you wish, etc., etc., etc.

So I recommend, at least with this application, installing directly from:

The latest version, "FairEmail-v1.1554-github-release.apk" a/o the time I'm posting this, was released just 10 hours ago - that coffee's still fresh and hot lolz.

The dev states that the only thing enabled in his version that isn't included in the Play Store version is Android Auto integration....

I dunno about reading email while driving though, that doesn't sound to safe lol.

And I was also under the understanding that the OAuth support for gmail was missing because it wasn't signed with the dev's keys, but perhaps I'm mistaken there?

There is a couple of major things to note, however:

First, uid/pwd access is going away in gmail soon (for GSuite/Google Apps for Business/whatev you wanna call it) - so one must use OAuth to authenticate with their gmail accounts (Like I said, I could swear the F-Droid version *couldn't* have this because they sign with their keys, not the dev's himself)

Second, I strongly recommend that people, in almost all use cases, DO NOT enable Google's "Advanced Protection Program":

If you do, not only can you not run third party email apps (this is not just a gmail thing, mind you), there are many applications you won't be able to install and run - it is far reaching with sweeping ramifications.

Anyway, I run the GitHub version and yes, it's an absolute dream!

The home page on the web with lots of kewl screenies and links to many of the resources is here:

So my post turned out to be a virtual dissertation anyway. Oh well ;)

@OpenSource #FairEmail #FOSS #OpenSource #tallship #Vger

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Well shit howdie!

Reports are starting to trickle in now about how this has actually been in the wild for a while and now folks are experiencing active exploits and being #pwn3d.... Not good, even for a shitty software platform that NO ONE should be using in the first place - What are you thinking?

Le's see... um.... #NextCloud_Talk, #Matrix, #XMPP, #Big_Blue_Button, #Jitsi - there's no shortage of #self_hosted #secure #FOSS solutions so, bottom line:

If you EVER use Zoom, you're a fucking idiot!

#Zoom no can haz #Cheezburgerz 🍔

#tallship #Vger #zoom #rce #vul #exploit

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Yeah, it's like that. Please boost :)

Get ready motherfuckers, if you thought it was a travesty when Meg Whitman, CEO of eBay, was #blackmailed by china into actively participating and assisting that insidious #dystopian regime in sending well over a million Falun Gong to industrial #rape_farms, torture centers, #concentration_camps eventually resulting in the #organ_harvesting of over 65000 living, and otherwise healthy victims of that #genocidal crusade....

Then just wait till you get a load of what Google is doing right now lolz.

What was #Meg_Whitman blackmailed with? Not much, merely the income she enjoyed and faced losing if the Chinese government expelled eBay from #China.

How was Meg Whitman complicit in the #rape, #torture, organ harvesting from healthy individuals and #murder of these million plus innocent people? Simple...

Turn over access to all supposedly secure Skype communications in China.

Easy Peasy! Sell out the Privacy of your customers. They'll be systematically raped, tortured, #sexually_defiled, murdered, and even #dissected while they're still alive!

But eBay gets to remain in China, a multi billion dollar market. Hooray 👏

It sounds simple enough to me. Right? Fuck those people! Let's make fricken' money money money Muahahaha! 👹

Meg Whitman also ran for Governor of California, but lost in that election to the Governator... Thank goodness.

So what does any of that have to do with the link below? Same fucking thing. Read it bitch. Figure it out, it ain't rocket science.

Oh, "How can you post such a thing?", You ask. Simple. This is the Fediverse, this is my ActivityPub server, and by virtue of that I cannot be deplatformed by Antifa Nazi's, BLM Bolsheviks, The #CCP, Neo-Soviets, Neo-conservatives, televangelists, #Twatter, #Faceplant, #Amazon, #InstaSPAM, or any myriad other special interest groups who find what I say to bed unpopular. It's my infrastructure, it's offshore, and aside from mirrored and multiplied, it's in countries not part of Echelon or subject to 14 Eyes jurisdiction.

My question to you, in response, is: why are you still using #Whatsfap and Faceplant and Twatter or any other Privacy disrespecting #monolithic_silos?

If you're out there drinking the bolshevik kool-aid, or were otherwise unaware of the crimes against humanity that I just edjumacated you on, then just ask and I'll post a shitload of information for you to follow up on that hasn't been completely buried or removed by the powers that be.

Because it's not #fake_news, it was already scrubbed from most of the monolithic silos and platforms mentioned above, but I'll source you out a bunch of original coverage of those previous crimes including AP newswire, BBC, etc., If I get enough requests to motivate me...

I expect however, that most of you are simply authentically apathetic and focusing primarily where others have decided you should be, in order to keep you distracted from the real and imminent threats you continue to ignore.

Please do read the letter at the link below anyway though, and at the risk of sounding too cliche' by quoting a sci-fi movie: "Be afraid. Be very afraid".

You no can haz #Cheezburgerz! 🍔
#tallship #Vger #falon_gong #uygurs #genocide #gooogle #be_evil

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@Mastodon @Sujitech_official @lickability I seriously hope accessibility is a priority in the official app. We don't need another Reddit, where blind users *have* to download a third-party app just to use the service well.

#a11y #blind #accessibility

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**Please Boost** :)

#FOSDEM 2021 presentation by #Stephane_Bortzmeyer, the author and maintainer of the #LUPA statistical analysis engine, on #Project_Gemini, it's explosive growth, and in depth demonstration of the origin, utility, and usage of #Gemini_space.

#tallship #Vger #Gemini You can haz #Cheezburgerz! 🍔

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"IBM wanted CP/M prompts. It made me throw up."

- Tim Paterson

@andy @lbry

That's Theta.TV by the way. And let's not discount the awesome power that PeerTube brings to social media and places all that sheer and to the mix, now that data is dirt cheap - you can spin up your own, self-hosted instance on acceptable hardware for $5 USD per month that includes 20 of 1Gbps data!!!

Talk about a Google/YouTube killer!!!

! 🍔


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Your boost of the post by @lbry is a on a very welcomed and encouraging smear by the NYT, friendly on how you prefer to look at things ;)

Remember when was the defender of the free world, stressing
Spreading and calling , "Satan"?

isn't alone, there's a couple of other Google killers entering the market too...

Like , for example 🤘👹🤘


And finally, for those who just want to have their Gemini and orbit too, There's the Geminize plugin for .

You can get here:

And for those of you who are users (I'm a dude myself), my other fav Gemini and browser is , which you can get from - anyone familiar with Emacs should know how to do that, but it's my fav non-GUI browser.

I hope that helps :)

! 🍔


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Lagrange is cross-platform , so it runs on Windows and operating systems.

In the video, the creator fails to mention the search engine (There's also the search engine), which does a very fine job of indexing the great majority of space.

You can get the browser here:

I hope that helps :)

You can haz ! 🍔


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Well it certainly doesn't appear that Mastodon actually does support links, does it?

Oh well, that's okay, as Promised, here's a little video on the browser, hosted right here in our very own on .

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Well I read recently that Rochko added Gemini link support in Mastodon.

Let's test that out shall we?


I spend most of my days in a environement, so when I'm browsing, I like stuffs to be pretty. Therefore, I'll f'up w/a video for what is arguably at this time, the prettiest (and most functional) GUI based browser for protocol - the Gemini and Browser

I can haz ? 🍔


I haven't experienced any problems so to speak with , but then of course, I d/l'd it from F-Droid instead of the silo store..

But if onboarding was that difficult for me, then woe be to the schmoe looking for a turnkey solution.

Planetary still escapes me though - it's just SSB, right? Where is it?

I don't argue when folks opt for Signal, but if they don't already have my DID I don't give it to them, instead, recommending Matrix, which comes with it's own learning curve