Well I read recently that Rochko added Gemini link support in Mastodon.

Let's test that out shall we?


I spend most of my days in a environement, so when I'm browsing, I like stuffs to be pretty. Therefore, I'll f'up w/a video for what is arguably at this time, the prettiest (and most functional) GUI based browser for protocol - the Gemini and Browser

I can haz ? 🍔


Well it certainly doesn't appear that Mastodon actually does support links, does it?

Oh well, that's okay, as Promised, here's a little video on the browser, hosted right here in our very own on .


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Lagrange is cross-platform , so it runs on Windows and operating systems.

In the video, the creator fails to mention the search engine (There's also the search engine), which does a very fine job of indexing the great majority of space.

You can get the browser here:

I hope that helps :)

You can haz ! 🍔


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And finally, for those who just want to have their Gemini and orbit too, There's the Geminize plugin for .

You can get here:

And for those of you who are users (I'm a dude myself), my other fav Gemini and browser is , which you can get from - anyone familiar with Emacs should know how to do that, but it's my fav non-GUI browser.

I hope that helps :)

! 🍔


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